Construction crews are making plans for a hotel that could be open to the public in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, soon.

The new $30 million hotel is being built on land leased by the Suffolk County government.

The hotel will feature a 24-room, five-star resort, hotel-style restaurants, and other amenities.

It will also be one of the largest hotels in the world.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced the hotel last month and the first hotel is set to open in October 2018.

Bellone said the hotel will be “a very special place” for Suffolk residents.

He said the construction is expected to take three to four months.

A hotel is expected on the site of a former church in the area of East Hampton, New York, from where the construction began in January.

It is estimated that $12 million will be needed to complete the project.

The building is part of a $25 million project to make a $75 million resort complex in Suffolk.

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