The word “new” is often associated with construction sites, but the construction industry is increasingly redefining the word.

This year, construction companies are trying to change the definition of the word “job” to include a wide range of construction jobs that are now considered to be more lucrative and less time-consuming.

In a new study from the National Association of Home Builders, nearly 50 percent of construction companies say the term “job-related” is “now more relevant” than the word construction.

In the same study, 40 percent of the companies say that “jobs related” is more relevant than “job,” and 19 percent said “jobs-related construction” is now more relevant.

The new construction industry’s move to a more flexible definition of what constitutes a job is also helping to shape the types of jobs that will be created in the future.

According to the National Home Builder’s Association, “the construction industry has seen a remarkable rise in job growth over the last several years, with nearly 2 million new construction jobs added during the past year alone.”

The number of construction workers increased by almost 6 million during the same time period.

Construction companies are now starting to think about new jobs in new ways.

Some companies are creating jobs by helping the unemployed find work, while others are offering temporary assistance for those in need.

The construction industry says that the majority of its employees are women.

And the number of women who are employed in construction is growing.

For many women who have been forced to take a pay cut, there are new options for them to work.

“I have a degree in business and have a few clients in different industries,” said Mary, a construction worker who asked that her last name not be used.

“But I have a full-time job that’s a lot more important than anything I could have ever done.”

Mary and other women are finding it harder to find construction jobs as construction companies shift their focus to other industries.

In recent years, construction has been a booming sector in the construction business, with many of the most well-known names in the industry being part of that trend.

“This year, we’re seeing a lot of companies look at building construction as a way to expand their business, to make some money, to keep a foothold,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer and her husband were able to find work at construction companies because they were willing to take less pay.

“We worked a lot harder than a lot for the same job,” Jennifer said.

“There’s no reason we can’t get another job that will make more money.”

Jennifer said she was able to stay in the business by finding a job that offered more money and benefits, like health insurance.

“The construction industry can really afford to give you health care, so it’s really not that much more than a little bit more money than the job I was doing,” Jennifer added.

“We have no other option.

We can’t go back to the job we were in last year,” she added.

Jennifer said her biggest regret is not getting the extra health care.

“When we got sick, we got sent home,” she said.

And, she said, her husband didn’t want to take care of her anymore.

Jennifer, who is working on a bachelor’s degree in public health, is also trying to get her business started in her area.

She has worked for a construction company for nearly a decade.

“It’s not easy.

It’s tough work.

But I think it’s something I’m proud of,” she told CBS News.”

It’s something that I am very passionate about,” Jennifer continued.

“And I feel very fortunate to be able to work in a field that has been really important to me.

I’ve never worked in a job where I’ve had so much freedom and freedom to create something.”

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