Construction is a booming industry in many cities.

It can be hard to find people with the skills to do the job and even harder to find a place to do it.

That’s why some companies have built their business cards around a certain type of construction skill: construction cards.

But in New York, it’s hard to get construction jobs.

A study from the state’s Department of Housing and Community Development found that only about 12% of the city’s construction workers are construction or electricians, and only 10% are certified as electrical or mechanical engineers.

So, it made sense for construction card company NSC Architects to create a special card.

The card is a big, colorful drawing of a building with a large, red line across the top.

The card says: “If you are a skilled construction worker in the City of New York you are eligible to receive a construction card for the following purposes: construction, construction management, construction contracting, and construction inspection.

You will receive this card when you register your business with the city of New, York.”

The company says it’s creating a unique design to attract construction workers, and it’s using an app to track how many people are signing up for the cards.

“The goal is to provide a real-time profile of each worker and make sure they have the skills needed to do their job,” says David McInnis, vice president of business development for NSC Architectural Services.

“We are working to create an authentic product to attract our workforce and build a strong connection with our clientele,” he adds.

According to the company, more than 3,000 construction cards are in circulation.

But in the first week, the card has sold only 1,000, and the company says they’re trying to increase the number of sign-ups to 1,500 by the end of March.

The design was developed in partnership with the NYC Office of Planning and Design, the city government’s Department for Economic Development, and an architectural firm, McInnes says.

It’s not clear how much NSC will make from each sign-up.

But some of the cards have drawn criticism for their design, including one that shows a construction worker with a red and white stripe down the middle of the card.

The worker’s feet are pointed up, and he’s wearing a white vest with an orange stripe across the front.

“It was a pretty clear design and that is definitely not the direction we wanted it to be,” McInns says.

“But we didn’t want to offend anyone, so we did it,” he continues.

“We tried to keep it simple.”NSC Architectures card is one of several that are selling for $12.50 each.

The company says the card is being sold at an average cost of $2.99.

But that may change.

The City Council is looking into creating a new business card that’s cheaper than the existing cards, according to a spokesperson.

“While the cards we’re producing are intended to attract people who want to build, they are not designed to attract the skilled trades people that are important to our economy,” says John Farrar, spokesperson for the council.

“There are many more ways to attract and retain the skilled workforce than simply a construction-card card.

We will continue to work with the City to create innovative solutions that will provide more affordable and accessible access to construction,” Farram says.

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