The Texas Construction Association has predicted more than 1,000 construction jobs in the state’s new fiscal year, including 2,100 construction jobs at the largest construction company.

The industry has long been a strong driver of job growth, and Texas has long enjoyed a reputation for its construction sector.

Construction in Texas averaged 527,000 jobs in 2017, up 2.2% from 2016, according to a Bloomberg survey.

But the sector has been on a slow recovery since mid-2016, when construction fell 5.6% and the unemployment rate hit 7.9%.

The state is expected to add 1,200 construction jobs this year, the survey found.

The Texas Association of Builders and Contractors has projected the construction industry will add 1.7 million jobs in 2021, bringing the total to 7.6 million jobs.

Texas is expected grow to a population of 9.4 million in 2021 from 8.3 million in 2020, according the association.

The number of new construction jobs will likely grow in the coming years as new facilities are built and more workers are hired, according Michael Hargrove, president and CEO of the association, in a statement.

“Our forecast is that construction jobs are going to grow over the next few years, with the largest growth expected in 2019 and 2020,” Hargrosve said.

“We expect the number of construction jobs to grow at a similar pace as the overall state economy.”

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