Workers on the Choates’ new construction site say the construction project will be a big hit to the local economy, but construction workers say they still aren’t getting the jobs they need to get by.

A report on the construction site released Tuesday by the City of Ottawa’s Infrastructure and Economic Development Department found that while the project is on track to start in 2018, there are still more than a dozen construction jobs left for construction managers and contractors.

The report found that there are currently about 25 construction workers on the site, who will get paid for the first six months of construction.

The jobs were originally supposed to start as early as February 2018, but now are scheduled to start on April 1.

Some of the jobs on the new construction include the construction of the new underground parking garage, and the new entrance to the existing tunnel, as well as the construction and demolition of a new parking garage and new entrance at the south end of the construction zone.

Workers are still in the early stages of setting up a permanent site for the site and the city says it expects to have all the construction equipment ready by April.

The city said it has hired six construction managers to assist in the construction work, and it has also hired contractors to complete the work.

It also says the work has been funded by a provincial grant of $25,000 from the Canadian Community Infrastructure Fund.

The project will add about 1,100 jobs and $100 million in total, according to the city’s project plan.

The new construction on the project will create about 1.5 kilometres of new roads and 2.5 km of underground parking.

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