Workers of the Construction Workers Union (CWA) have begun to work at the site of a major coal mine in Tamil Nadu, India.

The union’s general secretary P.K. Mahathiram said on Saturday that the workers were expected to start work at 7.30am on Monday, and he had asked the government to grant them the leave to do so.

The workers will have to start working at the mine on Monday morning, he said, adding that the union had already made arrangements with the state government for them to work in the mine.

The CWA, which represents nearly 1,000 construction workers in the country, has been demanding an end to the state’s refusal to allow them to do work at mines and other large-scale industries.

The state’s decision to halt construction of the Sabiampat coal mine is a major setback for the CWA.

The union has been working for two years on an ambitious programme to improve working conditions in mines, and the company has been reluctant to give workers their full rights.

Last year, the state passed a law that allowed the CSA to strike.

But the union’s leaders say they will not go into hiding after the law came into force, saying that if it is not repealed by April 1, the mine will continue to operate until then.

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