The Westboro Baptists will not be taking part in Sunday’s Israeli election.

The church, which is also known as the World Wide Fund for Nature, has been the target of condemnation for its campaign to protest Israel’s ongoing occupation of Palestinian land.

The group has been outspoken about Israel’s occupation of the Westbank and other Palestinian territories, and has staged numerous protests in recent years.

Its most recent rally was held in 2014, when it was held to protest against Israel’s confiscation of Palestinian lands.

The Westbank is home to approximately 500,000 Palestinians.

The protest was organised by the organisation’s Israel campaign arm, Operation Protective Edge.

It was also attended by some 400 people.

Israel’s Minister of Religious Affairs and Tourism, Uri Ariel, said on Thursday the government had no plans to attend the elections, as the government does not wish to interfere with the outcome of the Israeli election.

“The Westboro church is not interested in taking part, they have not announced that they are going to vote for the Israeli government,” he told Israel’s Channel 10.

Israel is expected to take a majority in the upcoming vote.

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