An article that has been shared thousands of times across the internet has been making the rounds.

It’s a video explaining how to avoid the construction site and how to build a lifeboat from scratch.

But the article has been causing controversy, and it has been gaining a lot of traction online.

The video has already attracted over 2 million views and the number of comments has been overwhelming.

“I am a proud citizen of India and have lived in this country my whole life,” a commenter from Maharashtra wrote.

“If someone from Maharashtra comes and wants to build his house, I am not going to stop him.

It is not just me.

Even the elderly, I do not want to see them building a house.

I want to build my own home.

I am going to start building my house and will save the country,” another user wrote.

According to the article, the video was created by a group of professionals and engineers who wanted to educate people about how to construct a life raft from scratch on the banks of a river.

They have been building lifeboats in the past from scratch, but the video focuses on building lifebuses from scratch by using modern materials.

“A lifeboat can be built by hand from scratch and we have learnt that building lifeboat using modern construction materials is not an easy task,” the video explains.

It also says that it has not only been built by professionals, but also by people who have built lifeboats on the river.

“We have also learnt that if someone is going to build it, they need to be prepared with a good knowledge about how a life boat works and how the boat should be constructed,” the article explains.

The video has been viewed over 2.6 lakh times.

So far, more than 8,000 comments have been left on the video.

The comments are mostly positive, but some have questioned the legitimacy of the video’s content.

“Do you know how hard it is to build the lifeboat?

If you are doing that from scratch how many times do you think you would get away with that?

You are building a lifeboats from scratch that are not fit for any purpose,” a user from Rajasthan wrote.

Some have also questioned the authenticity of the footage, saying that the video is misleading.

“There is no water in the river and it is not a river, there is no wind and the boat is not moving.

You are making a video of a boat from scratch,” another person wrote.

A representative from the Mumbai Police said, “We cannot comment on this video as it is an internal police matter.”

However, the Mumbai police has also clarified that it is a safe bet to follow the guidelines laid down in the Bombay High Court guidelines on constructing lifeboats.

“It is a matter between the owner and the builder,” Mumbai police spokesperson said.

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