A former Ontario construction union official has pleaded guilty to assaulting a contractor in his own workplace, a trial has revealed.

Tristan O’Connor, a former president of the Construction, Labour and Forestry Union of Canada, admitted assaulting the contractor, David Evers, at a construction site in Scarborough in January 2016.

O’Connor also pleaded guilty in February to an alleged sexual assault of a construction union worker.

The trial heard that O’Connors sexual assault is not an uncommon thing for men in the construction industry.

In March, a judge sentenced O’Cennons two previous convictions for assault and breaching probation.

In the court of appeal, however, O’Brien had to withdraw his defence of not being able to recall his victim’s name and he was found guilty of two additional counts of sexual assault.

The court also found that the assault on Evers was not motivated by sexual desire but by O’ Connor’s desire to “make his own way”.

O’Brien said he was shocked by the verdict.

He said the guilty verdicts would not change his actions or the way he treats others.OCC is fighting to overturn the guilty pleas and a decision to impose jail terms for O’Briens crimes.

He has asked the Supreme Court to take his case.

“We’re hopeful this decision will help him find a way to be an advocate and advocate for those who have been sexually assaulted,” O’Conners lawyer, Jason Reuter, said in a statement.

The judge also sentenced OConnor to a three-year conditional discharge, which is conditional on a psychiatric assessment.

He also ordered O’ Conners behaviour to be monitored for three years and fined him $150,000.

O”If you’re a good person, you can get away with anything,” O Conners defence lawyer, John Pfeiffer, told the court.

“But if you’re not, you’re going to jail.

This is not a case of a rapist and a murderer.

This was a case where the accused sexually assaulted an innocent man.”

The trial of O’ Connors was the first to take place since the trial of former construction union president David Eves was dropped after more than six years.

The former president, who was acquitted of two counts of assault and a second count of sexual abuse, was sentenced to five years in prison.

The construction union had been pushing for O Coners acquittal on the grounds that Evers had been given a fair trial and was not guilty of the charges against him.

Evers was acquitted in February of the two counts against him, but was sentenced in March to five-and-a-half years in jail.

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