A new video from the Lego Build YouTube channel features a very quick build tutorial on how to build Legos with Legos.

The tutorial is from Lego’s new Lego Build Studio, a new product that lets you create your own Lego projects with Lego bricks and Lego parts.

It’s pretty cool if you ask us.

Watch the video below.

Lego Build has been a hot product in recent months.

The company announced a partnership with Apple earlier this year to make its bricks available on its iPhone.

And earlier this month, the company launched its own line of Lego sets, including the first ever Lego set for girls.

Lego has been doing well with children for a while now, so it’s no surprise to see this video making waves.

But it’s definitely a great video to watch if you’re looking for a Lego builder.

We’ll be digging into some of the most useful Lego construction tutorials in the coming days. 

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