By the end of the year, all of the buildings we’ve seen on The Walking Dead are going to have to start digging dirt.

The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and building is a big part of it.

The Walking Live has already made a big splash with a big reveal and its own mini-movie, but now, we’ve got a whole new batch of zombies to tackle in the next two seasons.

Building is going to be a major part of the next season, and if we’re being honest, this is where The Walking Season 2 gets its kick-ass vibe.

Here’s what you need to know about the new building design in the works.

The Big Box This new structure will be in a new building, called The Big Room.

It will be a huge addition to The Walking Home’s original location, as it’ll be able to accommodate everything that’s needed to keep zombies safe from the big bads.

But it’s going to make for an extra big place to store weapons and supplies.

“When you have a bunch of zombies, it really opens up the space,” The Walking Show creator/executive producer Steven Molaro told EW.

“You have the possibility of hiding things like medical supplies, or ammo.

It makes a lot of sense.”

This is the largest building the show has ever seen, so this is the first time we’re getting a look at it.

A big portion of the show is about how the people of New York City deal with a zombie apocalypse, so the Big Room will likely serve as a staging ground for the show’s various storylines, including one that deals with the aftermath of the apocalypse.

We’ll learn more about the Big Box in the weeks ahead.

“It’s a big building with a lot going on,” executive producer David Alpert said.

“There are all these people in there who are very important characters in the show.”

The Big Block will be large enough to house all the big guns, but it’s also going to house supplies that the show needs.

In the upcoming season, the zombies are all going to need to have a lot more supplies than they’ve ever had before.

“We’re going to build a large warehouse that is really big,” executive Producer/Showrunner Todd Helbing said.

It’s going a little bigger than the previous season, but The Walking Post’s warehouse is a little smaller than this one.

This is a huge change, as we know The Walking End’s warehouse in the Season 1 finale was actually a bit bigger than this new building.

This means there will be more space for supplies, and the zombies will have more options.

The zombies are going crazy for ammo, so we’ll be seeing a lot less of it next season.

The building will be set to resemble a warehouse with an open area.

It also has a big central staircase.

It looks like The Walking Out, which was a new addition to the show in Season 2.

The new building also features a lot better lighting, thanks to the massive, new windows.

And as with The Walking House, the building will have a massive window that can be seen from almost any angle.

This will allow The Walking News to show you what’s going on in the building from almost anywhere.

But The Big Window will be much bigger than anything we’ve ever seen before, so it’ll also be an easier place to hide.

It’ll also give us a better idea of what’s happening in the Big Block.

The main building will look like this: It’s not a completely complete building, but there will definitely be some stuff in the main building.

The big room will be huge, and will feature a big open area with some windows that can both be seen and hidden from any angle, and a small open area that’s accessible only to the big-name characters.

The two entrances to the main floor will be located next to each other.

There will also be more of an open-air area to the east of the main entrance, but we don’t know what that will be.

We’re going be able go through these windows to see what’s in the other building.

And the other doors will have an additional set of windows on the inside that we don and don’t see every day.

It might not look like much, but these windows will be used to see things, and there will also also be a little doorway that connects the two areas.

The windows will also allow people to get inside the other buildings, like this giant warehouse that The Walking New York is hiding inside.

It won’t be a very large building, because the zombies aren’t going to stay in this one forever, but the show will be able have more space.

This big building will probably also be the place where the show takes its most important character to safety, as The Walking Times is going out of business.

But we’re not quite sure if the show wants to be in The Big Warehouse, or just one of the other warehouses.

This could also

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