This is the second installment in our series of articles that walk you through how to construct your own home with no tools or equipment.

Part 1, on building with only the tools, is here.

Part 2, on constructing a DIY home without a builder, is out.

Follow the links below to learn how to build your own house with nothing but a hammer, a pair of pliers, and a couple of screws.1.

Build a Home Without ToolsThe first step is to figure out what tools you’ll need to build the house.

You’ll want a hammer.

You can use a saw or even a drill to get the job done.

But a hammer won’t make up for your lack of knowledge.2.

Get a Pair of PliersYou’ll want pliers to do this.

A drill is a better option than a hammer if you’re going to be working with concrete, but if you want to drill holes in concrete, you’ll want to use a drill bit.

Pliers are great for ripping off the sides of the roof and other exterior elements.

You could also use a pair to drill the foundation.3.

Drill the Hole in the RoofYou’ll need a drill and a drill adapter, so you can drill into the roof with either a drill or a saw.

If you don’t have a drill, you can use the hole you drill out with your drill to do the work.

You won’t need to drill a hole in the ground, but you’ll have to drill through the roof if you do.4.

Get the ScrewsYou’ll use the screws you already have to screw your house together.

You don’t need a wrench or a pliers for this step.5.

Add a Home’s Interior to Your ProjectBuilding a DIY house with only a few tools isn’t difficult.

The only thing you’ll probably have to pay for is someplace to store your tools, like a basement or storage closet.6.

Make the Roof as Big as PossibleIf you’re building a new house, you don.t want to have to build an entire house from scratch, but that’s not always an issue.

For this house, we’ll add the roof to the foundation and add a second layer of concrete to the roof.7.

Drill Into the RoofOnce you’ve added the roof, you’re ready to drill into it.

The screws that hold the roof together are a great way to keep your tools away from your face.

For the most part, you won’t have to do any drilling on the roof itself.

You should have a couple holes drilled out where you’ll be drilling the hole in your roof.

If your hole is big enough, you may want to take the time to drill your holes with a drill press.8.

Install the Second Layer of ConcreteWhen you’ve drilled all the holes, you have the roof finished.

But before you can put your house up, you need to make the ground.

You need a concrete floor, which you’ll drill a small hole in to.

The concrete is the glue that holds your house to the concrete and keeps it from tearing.

You might need to trim it to make it smaller or bigger.

This is a good time to make sure that you have plenty of sand to help keep the sand from tearing into the ground underneath.9.

Build the HouseThe first thing you need is a foundation.

You’re going first with the foundation, but since you’re making your own, you might want to skip this step entirely.

You want a good layer of sand, concrete, and some gravel for your foundation.

Once you’ve built the foundation in the correct order, you will need to lay out the ground for the house to sit on.

It might be difficult to lay it out on the ground because it’s not as flat as a regular foundation, so the first step to building a proper foundation is to lay a piece of wood or a sheet of plywood across the gap you drilled out.

You may also want to lay some cardboard on top of the sheet of wood so you donĀ“t accidentally place the sheet on top.

Once you have your foundation laid out, you are ready to build out the house, or what you want it to be called.

The first step will be to build a kitchen area for the kitchen.

This section will have your basic kitchen, like your sink, stove, and stovetop.

You will also need a sink, dishwasher, and fridge.

This kitchen will be where you store all of your clothes, but most importantly, it will house all of the appliances you’ll use most.

Once your kitchen is built, it’s time to put your kitchen up.

You’ve already got a stove and a refrigerator, so this will be the only place you’ll store your food.

Once the kitchen is up, your next step is your living room.

You have your dining room, your living area, and your bedroom.

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