New Delhi: The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government has made an electoral turnaround with the passage of the first law to curb the growth of corruption in the national capital.

The first law, passed on Sunday, was the first to provide for a judicial inquiry into the collapse of a major political party that was engulfed in a corruption scandal.

The law, which passed in a session of Parliament with support from opposition parties, gives the police power to conduct criminal proceedings against senior officials and others who allegedly committed corruption in government.

The move was seen as a first step to curb graft and the misuse of public funds.

The new law also prohibits officials from receiving compensation for personal expenses for a period of two years.

It will make it a criminal offence to misuse public funds for personal gain.

“The BJP government is the only party that has done away with corruption and created a system that is totally transparent,” said Anand Sharma, a professor at the Centre for Social Research and Governance at the Jawaharlal Nehru University.

“It is the first government that has made a political turnaround,” he said.

The party has emerged as the main opposition force after the death of former prime minister Indira Gandhi in 1990 and has won six of the seven Lok Sabha seats contested since May last year.

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