Legos are getting more complex as more companies offer more realistic models of building structures, and Lego is adding some new pieces to its line.

The company announced on Wednesday that it has a new building set called Legos 2: The First Lego Legoland Adventure, which is set in the future.

The Lego set includes two sets of sets, one for a giraffe, and one for elephants.

The giraffe sets are set in an amusement park, while the elephants are in an elephant park.

“Legos 2 is a unique set that introduces the first Legos to a world where you can construct your own LEGOs from any of our iconic objects,” Lego said in a statement.

“It’s also the first LEGO set that includes the iconic elephant, a living creature of the forest.

This unique set is available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada.

You can see the first set in action below:The giraffe set is a bit more ambitious, as it includes an elephant in a jungle and an elephant enclosure.

The elephant is an exclusive, in-game exclusive and only available in the giraffe and giraffe enclosure sets.”

The giraffe sets in the new set are designed to be played with the elephant, making them ideal for kids as young as 7,” Lego added.

Lego has also announced plans to release a new set of Legos, which will include more exotic animals, including a black rhino and a camel.

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