Construction Specialties: Construction Contractor Specialties Contractors are among the most highly paid construction workers, with average wages ranging from $62,500 to $95,000 per year, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The average construction job pays an average of $65,000, while the average job in construction is $79,000.

And the average construction contractor’s salary has increased by more than 30 percent over the last five years, the GAO found.

In fact, the average compensation for a construction contractor has increased an average 30 percent in the last decade, compared to just a decade ago, when average compensation was $43,000 for a single-site contractor.

The average pay for a full-time employee with construction experience increased by nearly 7 percent in that same time period, the report found.

“The rise in construction compensation over the past five years is due largely to the rising cost of labor,” said the report’s author, Elizabeth Clark.

“Over the last two decades, construction pay has increased more rapidly than most other occupations and in particular, the cost of the materials used in construction has been on a tear.

And that has been driven in large part by the increasing demand for such labor, said Clark.

“Construction, as a career, pays a living-wage wage, but not as well as other occupations,” she added. “

Construction Contractors also make up a large share of the workforce, accounting for about 12 percent of all construction jobs. “

Construction, as a career, pays a living-wage wage, but not as well as other occupations,” she added.

Construction Contractors also make up a large share of the workforce, accounting for about 12 percent of all construction jobs.

About 20 percent of construction contractors work in states with a population of over 5 million.

“Most construction contracts are for one or two sites, but some contractors can also handle a large number of sites,” Clark said, adding that these contracts typically pay more than $100,000 in construction fees and construction taxes.

“Many of the highest-paying construction contractors are in the states with the highest population and the largest number of jobs,” Clark added.

But some of the higher-paying contractors, particularly in the service and finance sectors, have been in the news recently.

A recent study from the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. found that construction jobs in Texas were in decline for the first time since 2008.

According to McKinsey, construction job losses have continued through the last six months.

According the report, there are now only 7.3 million construction jobs nationwide.

“Despite the rising labor costs, many construction contractors continue to provide excellent service and excellent value for their clients,” McKinsey President and CEO Mark Mahaney said in a statement.

“For this reason, the industry remains a promising sector for job growth in the coming years.

Construction jobs are expected to grow by about 15 percent from 2016 to 2024, and they are expected increase by over 20 percent in 2024 to 2024.”

Construction Contracters are a growing industry in the US and around the world.

According in the report that surveyed 1,400 contractors nationwide, the majority (58 percent) work in the construction industry.

Construction companies account for 10 percent of the U.S. workforce.

According a McKinsey survey conducted in 2015, the U!


had the third highest percentage of construction jobs (26.5 percent) and the lowest percentage of full- and part-time workers (8.7 percent).

The survey also found that the construction sector employs about 30 percent of hourly workers, and 30 percent workers in the public sector.

Construction Construction contracts have also been on the rise nationally.

In 2015, U.K.-based construction company, M&M Construction, was named the world’s best construction company by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the organization that represents more than 250,000 construction workers worldwide.

The company was also named the best construction firm by the Construction Association of America, a trade group for the construction trade.

“As the number of construction workers in this country continues to grow, and as the demand for workers increases, we will see more of these jobs going to the construction trades,” said M&m Construction President, Gary Riedy, in a press release.

“Our construction work is the highest paying, and our workers are proud to call us their family.”

Construction contracts are also a growing sector in Canada, which is a member of the World Trade Organization.

“Canada has been in a construction boom for many years, and this is a good time for the industry to rebound,” said Canada’s Minister of Labour and Industry, Chris Bentley, in an interview with the Toronto Star.

“A lot of our construction jobs have been outsourced to countries in Europe, Asia, Africa,

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