Okland’s Mayor Dave Dampier has a vision of a new, thriving city in the Pacific Ocean, a city of 200,000 people, with an abundance of parks, shops, cultural venues and a thriving arts scene.

He wants to build the first Okland city within 10 years.

But how does he plan to build it?

He has an idea: a floating city.

It could help solve some of the issues he has been facing since the city was rebranded as the “Okland Capital” last year.

It might even be able to revive his bid for the 2020 federal election.

Okland’s first floating city Could floating city solutions be a new approach to Okland?

Oklahoma City is now home to more than 60 floating city projects.

They are being developed by various companies and companies have been given $4 billion in tax incentives for the project.

The $4.4 billion is being used to build an urban park system, which would be a major step in the development of Okland, according to city officials.

But this could be just the beginning.

The project is already under construction. 

Oklahoma Mayor Dave Auld has announced the project is called the “Parks and Recreation Park”.

It is to be built on land that sits on top of the Okanogan River.

It will include parks and recreation facilities, recreation areas, a basketball court, swimming pool, tennis courts, and tennis courts and a water park.

Dampier said the park would help ease the city’s housing and homelessness problems.

“The idea is that the park will be able, in fact, bring some of our most pressing problems into our city, including homelessness, into a new context,” he said.

“We are already experiencing some of those problems in the city.

The Parks and Recreation project is the next step to doing that.”

Okla City’s plan to construct a floating park in the Okanc City River in Oklahoma City.

There are currently plans to build a floating golf course in the river, a water slide, a riverboat pier, and other facilities on the river.

Dampiers plan is to construct the park in a location near the river where it would be able “to bring some significant development into the city,” and could help to solve some other issues, according the Oklahoma City News.

However, there are other obstacles to the plan. 

“The city has to be able on the waterfront and along the river to build this park and to put it on the water,” said Dampers city manager.

“The city is trying to create a new community with this park, but the park can’t be built in Okanacos river, because of a lack of access.”

The proposed park is in the middle of Okanc city, which is not ideal for a floating development.

While the city is working on the park, Dampieri is also working to get approval for the new city to be created within 10 to 15 years.

What do you think about Oklahomans plans for a new floating city?

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