In his maiden budget, Treasurer Joe Hockey announced a $5.3 billion road safety package aimed at improving road safety.

But in his first budget on Thursday, Treasurer Wayne Swan announced a new $12.5 billion package to upgrade the roads, including $2 billion for lane construction.

Mr Swan also announced a reduction in the number of toll booths in Queensland, reducing the number to six from 11.

But it is a far cry from the $6 billion in road safety measures introduced by the previous Labor government in 2013.

“We have got a long way to go to meet the expectations of the Australian public,” Mr Swan said.

“But we have a plan to do it.”

While it is not yet clear how the plan will be implemented, Mr Swan suggested that if the Government had not done so, it could not have done so much.

The plan is to: • Create toll-free road tolls in the States and New South Wales to encourage better use of toll-slips to avoid congestion.

• Build toll-booths at intersections in each State and New Australia and create a new toll-spot in each Queensland town.

Mr Swan also confirmed that toll-signal cameras will be installed in toll-plaza areas to allow motorists to pay for the use of the road.

While Mr Swan acknowledged that the plan was not perfect, he said it would not be enough to meet demand.

He said it was not only important to keep the roads safe but also to protect those travelling in the public interest.

But the Opposition said the plan does not go far enough, calling for the Government to invest more in public transport.

Senator Cory Bernardi said the Government needs to make changes to its current infrastructure to make the roads safer.

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