As construction gets underway in the US, many are seeing memes about construction workers, and in turn, construction sites.

In fact, the US government has released a video that features construction workers and their construction sites in the context of construction memes.

Here are some of the memes that have been released since the video was released.

The US government’s video on construction memes (YouTube) The US military released a short video on the construction meme trend.

The video is titled, ‘The Meme of the Day: How We Created the Future of American Construction’ and features construction worker and video producer Mark Pendergast.

It includes some footage of construction workers at construction sites across the US.

Some construction workers appear to be dressed in red uniforms and others in blue uniforms.

Some workers are shown sitting on construction sites, while others appear to work on other parts of the country.

One worker, named Sam, says he works for a contractor named “Jeb”.

Jeb has been working at the construction site for about a month.

Jeb has made videos on construction, and his videos have been viewed more than 9 million times.

Jeb’s videos have attracted over 9 million views.

Jeb makes the meme about Jeb.

(YouTube: Jeb the Builder) Construction memes can be fun.

Many people see the construction workers as a good way to entertain themselves.

They can also be a fun way to look at the job site and see what a lot of people are actually building.

Some of the construction memes include a woman in a green shirt who is trying to create the first concrete block in the new Trump tower.

Another man appears to be working on a building site while wearing a hat with a construction emoji on it.

Construction memes have been widely shared on social media.

One of the most popular construction memes on Twitter, “The Memo of the day: How we Created the Past,” includes a man wearing a white shirt, a construction hat and a pair of gloves on a construction site in the video above.

Construction workers are also popular targets for memes on Reddit.

Many construction workers have been involved in construction projects.

The term “Construction Man” has been used to describe the construction work that many construction workers are involved in.

The meme “The meme of the week” is used to identify people who have been engaged in construction.

It’s also used by some construction workers to describe their bosses or colleagues.

Construction is an art form.

Many of the people involved in the construction industry have artistic backgrounds.

Some are musicians or musicians with backgrounds in other fields.

Some have been artists themselves.

It has also been used as a way to describe construction sites as well as to make fun of those who work there.

A video that was released on November 10, 2017 shows a man working at a construction project in Arizona.

(Google: Construction Man) Construction workers have also been featured in some memes on YouTube.

One example is a video of a man at a large construction site, who is pictured wearing a construction mask and carrying a construction pole.

A construction worker wearing a red shirt has been featured on the video.

Another construction worker is seen working on the site.

(Reddit: Construction man) One of these construction workers has been a target of construction meme.

(HuffPost: Construction worker) The construction meme is being used as an effective way to highlight the difficulties that people in the industry face.

Some memes show construction workers struggling to carry out their jobs.

Others show construction sites being abandoned by workers who have moved on to other jobs.

Some also use the construction project as an opportunity to highlight how the construction companies profits can be seen as an attack on the workers and communities.

Construction meme memes have become popular in the past year or so.

The first meme to be created was “The F-Word,” which was created in August 2017 by user Mika.

It was posted on a project called ‘The Miserable Project’ (which was renamed ‘The Unfunneled’).

Mika has said the project is an attempt to get people to stop talking about construction, to focus on jobs and to focus less on the ‘sad’ construction site.

Another meme about the construction worker that has been popular is called “The Project,” which is created by user Nima.

It features a construction worker in a construction uniform and with a hammer.

A contractor named Jeb is shown on the project site, making a video about the project.

Jeb is the main character in the meme.

The construction worker named Jeb has also become popular recently.

He is a popular meme that is made up of many different characters.

A number of construction sites are shown in a video titled, “Why Jeb Built this.”.

The video features a number of different construction workers.

The videos include a construction man in a blue shirt and holding a construction device.

The narrator is Jeb.

Jeb also appears to work at a new construction site on the west side of Los Angeles.

Jeb says that his company will make money from the site, which is named

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