A construction equipment dumpster on a construction site in the US state of Pennsylvania was recently found to contain construction equipment and supplies.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, construction equipment was found to be missing after being left unattended for two weeks.

The equipment, which was in a truck bed and attached to an electric jack, had been parked for several days before it was found, which is when workers found it.

“The owner told us they found the equipment in a dumpster,” said a local construction company.

“They left it there for a couple of weeks and forgot to get rid of it, so it’s probably been there for six months now.”

Workers are still trying to determine how much time the equipment has been there, but there is no way to know how much the equipment will cost.

“If we get a lot of equipment, it’s going to be a very expensive thing to fix,” said Joe DePinto, the owner of a construction company who found the abandoned equipment.

“It’s going down in the trash, and we’ll never know.”

According to the Inquireor, the company is now looking into the possibility of donating the equipment.

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