Construction on the $2.3 billion Sears Tower in downtown Chicago is almost complete, with crews in full gear.

Construction crews will be back on the job soon.ABC7 Eyewitness News has learned construction crews have been on site for the last few weeks building a large wooden structure.

Construction will begin in the spring of 2018, according to the Chicago Department of Transportation.

The project was first proposed in the fall of 2017.

Construction has been under way for more than 20 years and is expected to take at least four years.

Construction will also be on-site for more.

The Sears Tower is part of a new $2 billion Chicago building project, including a new building for the city’s largest corporation.

It will also include the building of a hotel, office space and retail space.

Construction began in 2016 and the tower was completed in 2020.

The Chicago Tribune said construction is expected take at most 10 years.

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