Okland construction workers, who have been with the construction company since the beginning, are increasingly speaking sign language.

The Okland Courier-Journal reported on Wednesday that some of the sign language instructors who have taught Okland workers since 2014 are now also sign language interpreters.

Sign language interprests can speak the dialect of the region, which is used by Okla.

And the language is often used by construction workers as well, according to the newspaper.

The move by the company to provide training for construction foremen is a sign that Okland is in the midst of a national conversation about sign language and its benefits for job placement.

The language can help construction workers communicate more effectively with their supervisors and superiors, according, to the company.

And with Okland’s construction boom, construction jobs have been at the center of Oklahomans economic development.

Sign language has become more common in the construction industry because Okla has become a destination for immigrants, who come from around the world.

Construction foremen are used by the government to provide employment to workers who need the help.

A recent job listing for a foreman at a construction company said the job required him to interpret signs and coordinate the work of his colleagues.

The use of sign language in Oklands construction is not new.

Construction jobs have traditionally been done in the language of the foreman.

The language used in construction is also used in Oklahoman construction.

But that has changed in the past few years.

In 2015, construction fores were prohibited from using the language as part of their job duties.

Oklahoms construction companies were prohibited under a law passed in 2015 from using their construction language for any work they were not authorized to do, according the Oklahomeran.

Construction sign language has also become more prevalent in recent years because Oklahomas construction boom has created a need for more construction workers.

Construction work is a job that often requires a high degree of coordination and teamwork.

So it makes sense that people would want to get to know the skills they need to be successful in the field.

Construction fores are often in the front of the line for jobs, and they often need to learn how to negotiate with other workers and make sure their job is completed.

The ability to sign, and to communicate, with a foreperson is something that can help them communicate better with their employers and supervisors.

It’s something that helps to help them develop and become more effective at their jobs, said Mike Jones, an Okla construction foreperson.

In the past, construction workers were expected to sign all their work with their native tongue.

But in recent months, construction companies have been taking steps to allow construction fore workers to learn the dialect and speak in the native language.

Jones is one of those construction forepersons.

The former construction forewoman, now a forewoman with an engineering company, is working with Oklahomaans to learn more about the sign and sign language abilities of construction workers to help improve the quality of construction work for Oklahomeans.

The company that Jones works for is called Kresge Construction.

The company has trained more than 1,000 construction forewomen, and it’s now working with the Department of Labor to expand the training program, according its website.

Kresge is partnering with the Okla Department of Construction to develop a new language training program for construction workers who are not authorized in the state to sign.

The training will be held at the Kresges facility.

Jones said he believes the new language program will help the foreperson and forewomen get better at their work, and also allow the foremen and forewoman to be more efficient in their work.

Jones told the Oklama Herald-Journal that his experience with construction fore men has taught him that there are ways to improve the overall quality of the work.

He said the forepers will be able to improve their skills faster by being able to sign and understand their language better.

Construction Foreman Becomes Sign Language Instructor

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