Posted February 25, 2020 08:37:10 The Federal Government is set to scrap the social construction definition when it next publishes its budget in July.

Key points:The definition was introduced in 2011 to help explain why the number of new dwellings built was increasing, but is not a good measure of housing affordabilityIn response, the Government has proposed changing the definition to be more inclusiveNew construction loans were introduced to assist people with low income in their housing and are being phased out as a result of the changesThe change comes in response to the Government’s announcement that the number and quality of new housing starts would be taken into account when the Government looks at the future of the national economy.

Key Points:A new definition of “social construct” is being developed in the Federal BudgetA number of housing finance firms have responded to the changes in a bid to help people in housing buy homesThe definition of social construct was introduced by the Howard Government in 2011.

In a statement, the Federal Government said the definition was “based on the idea that when people are able to access a mortgage, they’re more likely to buy and maintain a home, rather than simply a place to live”.

“It is a measure that does not capture many of the issues that people face when they buy their first home, such as low wages, homelessness, and lack of affordable housing,” the statement said.

“So it is important to acknowledge that the ‘social construct’ has a role to play in understanding where we are in our country’s housing affordability journey.”

The Federal Government has decided that the best way to address the need to provide housing for those who are in need is to simplify and streamline the definition of the term, while retaining the strong emphasis on the need for social equity and inclusion.

“New construction bondsThe Government’s decision comes after it released a new definition in the Budget, which is to be published next week.

The new definition defines social construct as “the use of the terms social, social infrastructure, social compact, social partnership, social cohesion, social engineering, social control and social control system in a way that creates a social construct and not a property-based construct”.”

For example, the term social engineering is a property based construct, and the social fabric and social contract underpinning it is a social construction,” it said.

The definition will be a part of the Budget’s economic and financial update, which will provide an update on the country’s economic situation, the national debt and the state of the economy.

The Government said it was seeking feedback from the community, including housing associations, local authorities and other stakeholders.”

We will work with our communities to inform the update and will publish the new definition as part of this update,” the Government said.

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