Construction is booming in Victoria and Queensland, with construction companies claiming that the state and territory are seeing more jobs being created than the past decade.

A survey of construction workers in Queensland found a spike in construction jobs during the last two months of 2017, up 25 per cent on the previous month.

Construction employment has grown by 22,000 jobs in the past year, up 20 per cent over the same period in 2016.

It is believed that more than 3,000 more construction jobs were created in the state than the year before, and another 1,200 jobs were added to the region over the last month.

There are also indications that there is a surge in the number of students starting their construction careers.

The survey, conducted by the Construction, Forestry and Mining Association, also found that more people are starting construction apprenticeships, which are now common in many industries.

“It’s certainly been quite a significant increase in apprenticeships over the past 12 months,” said Mike Broughton, managing director of the association.

The ABC has been unable to independently verify the survey findings. “

The industry is definitely well positioned to support the next generation of construction industry workers.”

The ABC has been unable to independently verify the survey findings.

Construction workers in Brisbane, Queensland, are also feeling the impact.

While the construction industry is growing in Victoria, the region is experiencing a downturn.

Construction companies in Queensland, however, are seeing a surge of new apprenticeships.

Construction has been booming in the city and is expected to grow in Queensland.

Construction jobs in Queensland are growing by more than 25,000, up 21 per cent since the same month last year.

“I think that is an indication of the confidence in the industry,” Mr Broughtons said.

“You have a lot of people who are just getting into the industry, who haven’t been in it for a long time.”

He said there was a surge also in the growth of construction apprentices, and the demand for apprenticeships was also up.

The Construction, Engineering and Machinery Association in the Brisbane region is also seeing a spike.

The union represents about 50 construction apprentices in the region.

“We have seen an increase in the interest in the profession and in the demand,” Mr Brown said.

There is also evidence that construction is starting to be popular in the South Australia region.

Construction in South Australia is up by about 20 per and construction apprentices are growing, the union said.

The Queensland Construction and Forestry Union said it had received more than 40,000 applications for construction apprenticeship.

“There is definitely a strong desire for the profession,” Mr Kipps said.

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