Construction in the West Bank, where most of the West’s population of more than two million live, is largely unregulated, according to a draft law introduced by the Israeli government last month.

But the law is expected to open the way for a wave of settler construction in the area.

The law, dubbed the Green Line, is expected in the coming weeks to be signed into law by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The law, which will be presented at a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, would allow construction in more than a third of the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip and the annexation of a third, according a draft report prepared by the Joint List, a left-wing party.

The plan, which is also expected to be discussed at a cabinet meeting next week, is part of a larger plan to annex the entire West Bank in the next three years, according the report.

The Green Line plan calls for the expansion of the settlements in the east of the country, according that plan, to more than 1,500, which could stretch as far as Jerusalem.

It also calls for expanding the settlements east of Jerusalem, from the current area of Maale Adumim in the south to the Green Area, an area of about 400 acres.

The expansion of settlements in Jerusalem would be a “historic step” in the expansionist plan, according an official from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly.

The government plan to increase settlements in East Jerusalem comes amid the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israeli authorities have repeatedly rejected the possibility of annexing parts of the city to Jewish settlements, which they claim are built on Palestinian land.

Palestinians and international organizations have condemned the annexation as illegal and illegal under international law.

But last month, the UN Security Council passed a resolution calling for an end to Israeli settlement construction in East East Jerusalem.

The Israeli government has been calling for the resolution to be vetoed.

In addition, Israel has been considering the annexation to the West bank and Gaza Strip.

Israel considers the West as part of its sovereign territory.

The draft law, the first such law since the 1967 war, comes as Israel prepares for an election that will likely determine Netanyahu’s future as prime minister, in which he will have to govern as a coalition leader.

Netanyahu has been accused of using his position as Israel’s prime minister to secure the right to expand settlements in what is already one of the most volatile parts of its occupied territories.

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