We’ve all seen the commercials for the 2018 season: a football player’s first kiss, a kid who’s finally discovered his passion for soccer, or a team that’s making a move to win a title.

But will you be rooting for the Patriots or the Colts?

Or the Panthers or the Browns?

And who are the best teams in the NFC East?

Let’s find out!

(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)The NFL playoffs are almost here, and the NFL playoffs have begun.

There’s still plenty of time to watch the games live, but it’s important to take the playoffs seriously.

Here’s how to keep up with all the action.

How many games do you want to watch?

As we all know, the NFL season is not an exact science.

The first eight weeks of the season are the most important in determining whether a team makes the playoffs or not.

So if you want the best odds of getting a first-round bye in the playoffs, we’ve got your back.

The most important week of the regular season is the week after Thanksgiving.

The NFC North and NFC South split the first four weeks of this season, but the NFC North’s divisional playoff games are the biggest ones.

It’s not uncommon for teams in each division to play three weeks after the first weekend of the preseason, but a bye week helps alleviate the pressure.

The NFC South will be looking for their first playoff win since 2002.

The Carolina Panthers will face the Seattle Seahawks on Monday Night Football, a game that is expected to be a low-scoring affair.

The Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons and Pittsburgh Steelers are the NFC West’s two top teams, and they’ll face off against the Washington Redskins on Monday night.

The Atlanta Falcons have the best chance of winning the division this season because they have the most talent on their roster.

The New York Giants will meet the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday, and there’s a good chance that both teams will come away with a win.

The Giants are a playoff team that has the best shot of making the playoffs this year.

The AFC West will be one of the top divisions in the NFL, and both teams in this division will be battling for a playoff spot.

The San Francisco 49ers will face off with the Oakland Raiders at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday, and this could be the most exciting game of the year.

The Raiders have the second-most talent in the AFC, and if they can keep up their recent play, they could easily make it to the playoffs.

The Denver Broncos will be facing off against Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts in the season finale on Sunday.

The Broncos will have one of their best defenses of the past few seasons, and Manning is expected a big win for the Broncos.

The Colts are the AFC’s most likely playoff team because of their strong defense.

The Seattle Seahawks will play the Houston Texans at CenturyLink Field on Sunday night.

Seattle has a lot of talent on defense, and it should be a tough battle.

The Texans have the third-best defense in the league, and a win could help the Seahawks make the postseason.

The Tennessee Titans will be meeting the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on Monday.

Both teams have some big names on their rosters, and these teams could be in for a big game.

This will be the last game of this playoff season for both teams, but I think this could also be the end of the road for both the Titans and Jets.

The Houston Texans will be playing the Cleveland Browns at Toyota Stadium on Thursday night.

Both the Browns and Texans have a strong defense, but this game could also end up deciding the outcome of the playoff race.

The Oakland Raiders will face Off.

Buffalo Bills at Metlife Stadium on Saturday.

The Bills will be without two of their top three cornerbacks.

It’ll be hard to predict who will be able to keep their top corner, and that will likely depend on who is playing the quarterback.

The Chiefs could still make the AFC playoffs, but their offense and defense are all below par.

The Philadelphia Eagles will play at FedEx Field on Saturday, the first time the Eagles will have a bye since the 2013 season.

This is a good game for the Eagles, because they could face off on a big stage.

The Browns have been one of my favorite teams of the AFC.

I like how they’re still able to win games, so I’m excited for this game.

The Washington Redskins will face Atlanta Falcons at FedExField on Sunday evening.

The Falcons are a good team and could be a strong contender this year, but they have a big road game on the road against the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon.

The Redskins are one of these teams that could surprise everyone in the postseason, and I think they’ll be a top contender in the division.

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