Construction foreman Joseph Walsh will get the Port’s $2.4 billion construction contract, marking the first time in more than three decades that a top city contractor has won a major contract.

Walsh, whose firm has won major contracts for the city of Seattle and Fort Worth, will get construction of a new $2 billion terminal, new parking lots and a second terminal that will accommodate a proposed $1.7 billion port facility in the East Boston neighborhood.

Walsh also will get an option to build a third terminal in the former St. Paul waterfront site that has been eyed by the Port for decades.

The contract, announced Tuesday, was the result of a partnership between Walsh and the Port Authority, which is led by Gov.

Charlie Baker.

Walsh is expected to be tapped by Baker to head the Port when he takes office next year.

The Port Authority had been waiting for the deal, which will have to be approved by the Federal Maritime Commission, to be finalized.

A spokesman for Walsh, who has worked for the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the state of Massachusetts, said he would not comment further.

The deal for the terminal is for about $1 billion and is expected as early as next year, Walsh said in a statement.

“It’s an opportunity to deliver the best possible development for our customers, employees, and communities,” he said.

The first-ever Boston terminal is set to open in 2021.

The terminal will be the largest single piece of infrastructure built for the new terminal, the Port said.

Construction of the $2,852 million terminal was approved in December by the Boston City Council.

The port also is to build new parking spaces for the port and create a new commercial space called the “Port & Retail” space at a site in South Station.

The facility, a $1 million office complex, will open in 2019 and include offices, retail and parking.

The second terminal, expected to cost about $900 million, will house the city’s largest commercial and residential tenants, including hotels, restaurants and hotels.

Construction is expected begin later this year and be completed by 2021.

Walsh will lead the project, which has been in the works since the early 1990s.

“Joseph is a skilled and experienced construction contractor, and he is excited to join the Port in leading this groundbreaking project,” said Port Authority President Patrick Foye in a release.

“His experience in the industry will be invaluable to the Port as it continues to evolve as a global hub for global commerce.”

The contract was awarded to Walsh in May 2017, and his firm is already involved in a number of major construction projects in Boston, including the demolition of the historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which closed in 2012.

The new terminal is expected be ready by 2019.

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