A lot is expected of the President on the fiscal year 2018 budget, but that doesn’t mean we should expect a whole lot of the proposed budget.

The President is spending a lot, but his priorities are very different from his budget.

Read moreThe Budget for 2018 is expected to include an unprecedented amount of spending and the President’s priorities are clearly different from the one he pushed for in his first budget.

This is the budget he will use for his first year in office.

The budget has a lot of spending, but there are some major differences between what the President has proposed and what Congress is considering.

The budget includes $10 billion to hire 2,000 more FBI agents and to increase the number of border patrol agents.

The Trump Administration is also proposing a new program for the development of “smart border security technology,” which would allow the U.S. to use its own smart border sensors to scan and monitor the border.

But, even with these spending increases, the budget will still be a modest amount of money.

This budget is only about $4.6 billion in today’s dollars, or $5.3 billion in 2018 dollars.

While the budget is expected by many to be the most expansive budget in history, it is also a modest portion of what the United States will be spending on the border this year.

The President is expected in his budget speech to claim that his budget is going to save $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years.

This spending figure includes $300 billion in spending to create more than 1 million jobs, $250 billion to expand military spending, $200 billion for infrastructure, $150 billion to fund the border wall and $150 million to improve health care.

In short, the President is pledging to spend a lot more money than he is actually proposing.

He’s spending $1,500 billion in total, but it’s a total of about $3.6 trillion.

There is no dollar amount in the budget that could be more than what the federal government is currently spending, and many of the items that the President proposes are not even in the same ballpark as what Congress will consider for the next budget.

Trump is spending $5 billion to build a border wall in Texas, a $1 billion increase from his proposal for the border, a big increase from what the border patrol was asking for in 2017, and a big decrease from what his administration had asked for in 2021.

The $1 trillion increase in the border-security spending is a welcome addition to the budget.

But it is not nearly as substantial as the $5 trillion that is promised.

It is a small fraction of the total amount of federal spending the United State will be receiving this year, and it is nowhere near the size of what is requested by Congress.

This is the problem with spending increases in the U

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