Construction workers in Texas are rallying for a “safe work” law that will protect workers from sexual harassment, retaliation and exploitation.

The National Electrical Contractors Association, the largest union in the state, is staging a rally on Thursday in downtown San Antonio, where it is expected to highlight a draft version of the bill.

The new bill, introduced Monday by Republican state Rep. Scott Perry, aims to protect the safety and welfare of workers, said Dan McBride, a spokesman for the association.

It also includes protections for those who are sexually assaulted and the people who make a complaint.

The proposed law would protect those who report sexual harassment and retaliation.

McBride said the association is trying to rally support for the bill at a time when more than 300 people have been sexually assaulted in Texas and the state has recorded more than 10,000 complaints about sexual harassment or violence.

Perry is the only Republican in the U.S. House to sponsor the bill, which he plans to introduce to the state legislature in January.

A spokesman for Perry said that he is not opposed to workers taking steps to protect themselves.

But the new law would also be “one that helps people feel that they are safe, that they can go home, and they can be productive,” said Michael Ollens, Perry’s spokesman.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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